This Stylist Dresses All Ages and Body Types: These Are Her Tips

While most Hollywood stylists are busy dressing actresses for award season or musicians for their upcoming tours, Dana Asher Levine keeps busy styling the women in another area of the business: executives. Finding herself going through a divorce and with kids to support, Asher Levine started her business, Dhstyle Inc., in 2002, quickly carving out a niche for her services. After all, it's not just celebrities who attend premieres and award ceremonies.

Asher Levine is the stylist to some of the most powerful female executives in the business, including mega-producer Shonda Rhimes (pictured below) and CEO of Fox Television Group Dana Walden. She has a passion for dressing women of every size and age, helping them face their busy schedules with confidence and style. Given her unique client set, we were naturally eager to pick the brain of a professional stylist to women of all body types who also happen to be some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry.

Read on to find her answers to our most burning sartorial questions and shop corresponding pieces. Trust us—there are more than a few tips you'll want to take away from her wisdom.


Getty Images; PICTURED: Asher Levine's client Shonda Rhimes.

What are a few pieces that you think women of all ages should have in their wardrobes?

Women of all ages can always turn to a great pair of black boot-cut or flare slacks, a white blouse with a detailed sleeve, and a black leather jacket (either motorcycle or blazer type).

What's the most universally flattering dress style?

An A-line dress is most universally flattering because it draws attention to your waist and then flows away from the body.

What's the number one request you get from your clients?

"Help! I have nothing to wear!" The majority of my clients are working women who want an easy work uniform, such as a three-piece ensemble, which could be a pant, blouse, and jacket option; a skirt, sweater, and jacket option; or dress and sweater option. They like planned outfits that all look good together so they don't have to think too much about what they will wear every day.

What are the timeless shoe and handbag styles you recommend for your clients?

There are a few shoe styles I recommend: Either great flats (can be loafer-style or ballerina-style), great heels, or great boots, depending on my client's personal style and the task at hand for that day, keeping practicality in mind. As far as handbags, I recommend a great leather tote for during the day to keep all necessary items within arm's reach. For evenings, I recommend upgrading your daytime outfit with a simple but glam clutch.

Are there any denim styles you avoid when dressing your clients?

I would avoid jeggings. Jeggings are the jean version of leggings. Enough said.

When it comes to seasonal trends, how do you recommend women go about updating their work wardrobe while still looking polished (and without spending a ton of money)?

For spring and summer 2018, the trends are floral and lots of bright colors such as bright pinks, purples, yellows, and greens. This spring/summer palette is very easy to integrate into any wardrobe. You can add a great floral or bright-colored blouse, shoes (Zara makes great floral flats), or even a brightly colored purse to any black suit without spending a lot of money. However, late summer means sale time. This is the time to start purchasing timeless pieces. Stylists call this building a wardrobe. Look at Theory, Tahari, or ASOS. These brands are a great way to step into the world of purchasing timeless pieces.

What's an easy outfit formula for women of any size and age that's appropriate for a conservative work environment?

I don't think there is a general formula for every size woman. I have some women who are a size 14 to 16 who love showing their arms, as well as clients who are a size 2 to 4 who will never show their arms—so the perfect uniform is different for every body, style, and personality. Every woman has their own happy place. I just focus on finding their happy, confident place and build on that.

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