This Tiny Little Thing From J.Crew Is Bound to Sell Out

One of our favorite trends this year has been the return of the fashion scarf. This simple little silk item, whether tied around your neck or looped around your handbag, is one of the chicest ways to add a touch of personality to your ensemble. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you the latest iteration of scarves that every cool girl is going to want to get her hands on.

When Vogue shared a sneak peek into J.Crew’s latest designer collaboration with Drake’s, the accessories, as expected, proved to be to die for. While the collection will also include pajama tops, bottoms, and ballet flats, the items we’re betting will sell out first are the scarves.

For the women’s collaboration, Jenna Lyons reportedly tapped creative director Michael Hill after spotting a co-worker artfully styling a men’s handkerchief from Drake’s around her neck. As usual, her instincts were spot-on. Where the intricate patterns from Drake’s meet J.Crew’s classic design aesthetic, magic is bound to happen. Oh, and the best part? The scarves ring in at under $100.

Scroll on to preview the collection!

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