What Real Men Think About Kendall, Gigi, and Bella's VS Fashion Show Looks

While every girl on the planet is in meltdown mode over the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show images (who else is booking in a gym class every day for the next 365 days?), we wanted to know—what are the guys thinking? Yesterday, we asked men on Bumble what they think about leggings, today we're asking them their feels on extravagant lingerie runway images. Same, same. 

The VS Fashion Show is never meant to be an example of how to wear lingerie IRL—we look at the images closely, and can see that yes, under the wings, and glitter, there are wearable pieces we can take into our normal (non-supermodel) lives. But what do guys think? We showed them three models they definitely recognise (Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid), and asked them to give us their first thoughts. Click through for their hilarious, and honest opinions.

Kendall Jenner


Getty Images

'Good to see VS is sustainably minded, they borrowed Kendall's wings from the crows in Wizard of Oz'—Luke, 27

'Kendall. Wow, this is so overwhelming. I mean how do you even start to undo this?! A lot of us can't even handle a standard bra!'—Jason, 30

'It's confusing. Her neck is making me claustrophobic but I'm worried her legs will catch a cold. The black feather wings are a nice touch though.'—Thomas, 27

'Looks like a chessboard. Checkmate!'—Josh, 25

Bella Hadid


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'Bella, more like hella. As in hellagood—all grey everything. Seems beginners luck paid off, smoking hot on debut.'—Thomas, 27

'Love the silver! That middle section makes her seem like she's going for a skeleton/robot kind of thing, so I'd lose that. The flowing sleeves and cape make her look like a bit like a superhero. She can come to my rescue any day.'—Jason, 30

'Ooooh girl, you slay The Weeknd with that revenge body #okuurrrrrr.'—Luke, 27

'Bella looks like Wonder Woman and the Tin Man had a child. Lucky she got the looks from Mum!'—Josh, 25

Gigi Hadid


Getty Images

'Her Melania Trump impersonation at the AMAs may not have been her greatest moment, but she looks right at home here. Looks like Gigi nailed it again in her sophomore year with VS. I miss her Seafolly curves though.'—Luke, 27

'Gigi looks like a cross between Pocahontas and a Final Fantasy character. But sexy....and not animated.'—Jason, 30

'The genetics in this family are good, painfully good. Don't know about the outfit though, kind of looks like a rainbow vomited all over her. Take a note from little sister Bella, minimal tones for the win.'—Thomas, 28

'It looks like Gigi tripped over in Willy Wonka's factory. But she’s obviously hot as hell. Wonder if there's a golden ticket under there?'—Josh, 25

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