3 Luxe Bags That Are Actually Worth Investing In

We love that Dior gets us. As the first woman to hold the creative reins in the fashion house's 70-year history, Maria Grazia Chiuri has ushered in a moment for the luxury brand that is feminist, celebratory, and—for lack of a sexier word—gloriously practical. The movement goes well beyond the "We Should All Be Feminists" T-shirts from her debut collection (the official model-off-duty uniform of the September shows). It's fashion that wholeheartedly rejoices in a woman being no one particular thing and understands that we need accessories that can keep up.

We witness our style fluctuating through the course of each week, and we embrace different parts of ourselves every time we get dressed—therefore we want to invest wisely in pieces that are as versatile as they are covetable. Under Chiuri's direction, Dior is offering up luxe bags that adapt fluidly alongside us: Wear them with a classic gold chain, add on a bohemian crossbody guitar strap, or remove the straps altogether and wear them as a clutch. It's not just work to weekend, or uptown to downtown (or La Rive Droite to La Rive Gauche, as they'd say in Paris): These are accessories to carry us through every mood and moment, so we never have to leave our favorite bag at home.

Get a closer look at our three favorite Dior bags—and the ways we're wearing them this season—below.

Our number one reason for investing in a black leather handbag with a chic gold chain? It's the most effortless way to elevate your go-to outfit, whether that's an easy-to-wear sundress or denim with a classic white tee. That being said, we're very much into the bohemian-inspired strap, this season's must-have add-on that lets you add something a little unexpected to an otherwise classic look.

The crossbody bag is the latest nod to serious street style cred: Wear yours snug and high on the hip to keep with the body's silhouette, and enjoy the added bonus of being able to freely navigate the city with both hands at your disposal. Come evening, it's still all about the confident clutch—and we have to admit, sliding your hand into that leather strap adds a little something to your stride.

We're all about the Lady Dior, and to own one is to be in exceptionally good company. Princess Diana famously fell hard for the bag on a trip to Paris—inspiring the name—and the '90s gave us endless pictures of her carrying the bag by its handles as she strode across airstrips and eased down red carpets. Fancy some serious style stalking? Google "Lady Dior" with "celebrity," and watch every style icon you can possibly name (real or fictional) appear on the screen before you. We can't get enough of this update: patent leather juxtaposed with gold studs, plus a thick strap to make it ideal for every day.

See how Jennifer Lawrence wears her Dior in the designer's F/W 17 campaign here.