These Are the 5 Defining Trends of NYC's Coolest It Crowd

You likely haven't gone one month without overhearing a mention of Dimes Square, which is actually more of a triangle shape that takes up about three blocks on Canal Street in Chinatown. The specific Manhattan area has been trending for a while—to the point that people are probably sick of all the Dimes Square discourse. It's known for its scene of skateboarders, writers, self-proclaimed artists, and just generally fashionable people who flock to joints like Clandestino, Cervo's, and Dimes (where its name stems from) to grab dinner and a drink. 

I recently visited New York for a weekend and stayed at the Moxy East Village, which is about a 30-minute walk from Dimes Square, so I could get the lowdown on some of the trends happening in this micro-neighborhood. The exact boundaries of it are disputed, as a similar crowd also spills onto nearby Orchard and Ludlow Streets, so I also kept an eye out for trends as I walked down the streets from my hotel into the epicenter. The new Nine Orchard Hotel, which houses the Swan Room and Corner Bar, has also become a popular spot for the fashion set to sip on cocktails, and the Moxy just opened up a new Lower East Side location nearby, so it's safe to say the buzz of Dimes Square isn't going away anytime soon. 

Here, I rounded up five fall fashion trends I spotted during my trip that define the Dimes Square scene, from mid-calf boots to pleated miniskirts

Pleated Miniskirts



You might've thought this was a spring and summer trend, but it can be transitional too! I saw people wearing theirs with tights to make them work for fall, but leg warmers and knee-high socks are also solid options. 

The adjustable belts on this skirt give it some added edge. 

A charcoal-gray pleated skirt is a classic, but this one is actually a skort, so you don't have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. 

The double belt loops are such a statement. 

Pinstripes make it business, and the length makes it fun. 

A Thom Browne pleated skirt is definitely an investment piece, but you'll have it forever. 

Mid-Calf Boots



Okay, so hear me out: They aren't quite knee-length boots, but they're not ankle boots either. You might not have a pair that hits somewhere in between, so I found some for you. 

If you like snakeskin, these are all yours. 

These platform lug-sole boots are below the knee but aren't short either, so they check all the boxes. 

Need this Miista pair in my life stat. 

Slouchy suede boots are perfect for fall. 

You can roll the shearling band on these up or down so it sits right at the middle of your calf or higher, and the grippy lug-sole platform is very on-trend. 

Bucket Hats

Yes, bucket hats have been around, but the folks walking around Dimes Square gravitate toward darker hues and fall textures like quilting and shearling. 

Take your bucket hat into fall and winter with a simple black hue that goes with anything. 

You won't be able to stop touching this faux-fur style. 

A nylon bucket hat keeps your noggin dry. 

Opt for a textured shearling one in beige. 

Edgy Leather Jackets



Leather jackets with distressed details, silver hardware, and an overall grunge look to them popped up again and again, so I had to take note. 

This style has a worn-in look already. 

The subtly crinkled material makes this not your average leather jacket. 

Obsessed with this cropped brown style from Kim Shui. 

You'll get lots of use out of the handy zipper pockets. 

Swap out the usual zipper for some shiny metal buttons. 

Big Pants

The most effortless pair of corduroys you might ever see. 

Cargos fit the bill for slouchy yet functional pants. 

For all you low-rise fans out there. 

Pockets on pockets on pockets.