Little Luxuries: 18 of Our Favorite Designer Key Chains


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Whether your sensibilities lean toward the playful and bright or the understated and refined, we found a key chain you'll love. Fendi, for instance, created a miniature version of one of its iconic baguette bags while Balenciaga designed a straightforward, logo-bedecked key chain that fashion girls will love. 

Fruits, Popsicles, snakes, ghosts, creatures—you name it, and a top designer has made a key chain out of it. Below, we rounded up our favorite versions on the market, which are all begging to be clipped on to your purse or added to your key ring. I know in Netflix's Emily in Paris, Emily was told she was basic for having a designer's bag charm. But like she said, it's the "basic" customers that keep the designers in the business. Why not follow in Emily's footsteps and add a little fun designer touch to your bag or keys?

The playful whale shape nods to those known to migrate to the warm coasts of the Balearic island.

Keep it classic with the signature logo print.

This isn't the heart charm you wore in middle school.

I would attach this to every bag I own.

You can't find this on the regular market anymore.

Leave it to Bottega Veneta to bring their iconic weaving onto a keyring.

These are intriguing you have to admit.

Prada also released earring versions of these.

Is anyone else obsessed with mini things, or is it just me?

If we're being honest here, I'd turn this vintage charm into a necklace.

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