We’ve Reached the Designer Face Mask Stage of 2020—Shop the 22 Chicest Ones

Designer face masks



Pictured: Jcpajares Sequin Mask

Remember earlier this year when we were all scrambling to buy any face masks we could get our hands on? Well, things have shifted and there are now tons of face masks readily available at a wide range of price points. Now that we've all come to the realization that we're probably going to be wearing masks while out and about for the foreseeable future, perhaps you're thinking of splurging on a cool designer one. (As a fashion person, I support.)

Someone's face mask is the first thing your eyes probably go to when you see someone, as you likely want to make sure they're wearing one properly, and it covers half of the face—so it's understandable to want to wear one that reflects our personalities and sense of style. Which brings me to designer face masks. There are a lot of them at this point, and I've been keeping track. Keep scrolling to shop the best of the options (in my opinion), and get ready to hear "I like your mask" a lot.

This is my idea of a "festive mask".

Jennifer Aniston and Kamala Harris (and a slew of other celebrities) wear Wolford masks.

I predict this one will be all over Instagram soon.

This looks like it feels amazing.

Off-White was making cool masks even before the pandemic.

If you're into the '90s look, you'll love this.

This set of pretty masks is such a good deal.

This special mask would make such a good gift.

I can't get over the little scrunchie straps.

The Missoni masks are so good, I could include just one.

This silk mask comes in lots of gorgeous prints.

I'm excited to see which model wears this one first.