The 8 Denim-Skirt Outfits Fashion Girls Will Wear This Fall

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas



I don't know about you, but I tend to associate denim skirts with high school and Abercrombie & Fitch. Rest assured, however, there are plenty of decidedly grown-up ways to wear denim skirts right now. Yes, denim mini skirts are still cool, but when paired with a button-down shirt, chunky sandals, or a pretty floral blouse, they can look downright sophisticated.

Of course, minis aren't the only route to go. I've been spotting more and more denim midi skirts, and I have a strong feeling they will be even more popular in the fall when fashion girls aren't ready to fully put summer in the rearview mirror. Below, I rounded up my 8 favorite denim skirt outfits for fall from well-dressed women like Aimee Song, Sylvie Mus, and Camille Charriere. 

1. Jacket + Tee + Chunky Sandals

Nobody beats Levi's when it comes to denim jackets. 

The ultimate wardrobe essential.

Thank you, H&M, for always making affordable versions of every trend. 

2. Button-Down Shirt + Cardigan

Jean Skirt Outfits



A button-down shirt polishes up a denim mini skirt. 

Copy Aimee Song and try the gray skirt route. 

The perfect summer-to-fall transitional cardigan.

3. Long-Sleeve Blouse + White Shoes

This has just the right amount of distressing—no need to over do it.

I love the button-front detail. 

Yes, white shoes can get dirty, but at $40, these are not nearly as scary as a designer investment. 

4. Cream-Colored Separates

A lightweight jacket is a must for the period between summer and fall. 

Have you heard? Polo shirts are cool again. 

White denim is always a refreshing change from classic blue. 

This high-rise skirt would look great with a crop top. 

Catch this sale while you can. 

5. Tank Top + Midi Skirt + Boots

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas



At just $5, you'd be wise to stock up on a few of these tanks. 

6. Light Sweater + Sneakers

Denim Skirt Outfit Ideas for Fall



Thin sweaters are perfect for late-summer days.

The cute star embellishments on this sweater are not to be overlooked. 

Go ahead and show some leg with this cute slitted skirt from Nordstrom. 

7. Midi Skirt + "Dad" Sneakers

Denim Midi Skirt Outfit Ideas



This knee-length hemline is a perfect in-between style if minis are too short and midis feel too long. 

New Balance sneakers are all over my IG right now. 

8. Leopard Tank + Black Boots

Very Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Dr. Martens boots will always be cool. 

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