7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Denim Jumper

I've come to realize that, when shopping, there are a few pieces I'll make a beeline to every damn time, among them glittery ankle boots, colorful outerwear, and jumper dresses. This season, denim jumpers are getting particular traction with brands high and low—which should hardly come as a surprise, considering how easy they are to wear.

During the colder months, I like to style mine with a ribbed long-sleeve tee (Aritzia's are my go-to) or an ultra-thin turtleneck (Uniqlo's HeatTech version is essential for winter) and black tights, but for warmer temps, a short-sleeved tee or tank will do the trick. Most can be worn on their own, but the best thing about the trend is its layering potential, which lets you make the piece your own without too much effort. 

So if you tend to find yourself re-wearing the same pair of jeans day after day this time of year, why not switch things up? Below, shop our favorite denim jumpers from Reformation, J.Crew, Stella McCartney, and more, plus see how seven fashion girls are wearing the style.