Hair Experts Are Bored of These Styles—5 They Want You to Ask for Instead

A new year means new trends, and when it comes to hair there are already so many incredible styles set to dominate in 2024. (Baroque bob, I'm looking at you.) And while there are classic cuts and timeless hair colours that emerge year-after-year and never date, I'm always interested in the styles and colours that experts predict will fall out of favour for the year ahead. That's not to say, of course, that you shouldn't continue to enjoy these looks if you love them (I'm all about embracing what makes you feel good when it comes to beauty) but there's something fascinating to me about the way that trends fluctuate in and our of favour.

Ahead, I spoke to top hair experts to get their steer on the on the "dated" hair trends that won't be so popular in 2024 and the ones that will be replacing them.


1. Swapping Out: Blunt Lobs


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It's a classic style, but hairstylist and Wella Professionals Ambassador Fergal Doyle predicts that the humble lob will fall out of favour in 2024. "The one-length blunt lob specficially, will lose ground to more textured layers and softer shapes—especially around the face," Doyle explains.

Replacing With: Butterfly Layers


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Instead, 2024 is the year of texture in abundance and the butterfly cut will continue to fly. "This modern take on the shag offers soft, face-framing layers that add volume and texture without the choppiness," says Doyle. And if you have shorter hair? "The classic pixie will get a modern twist with choppy layers and wispy bangs, creating a cool, lived-in feel." 

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2. Swapping Out: Icy Platinum Blonde


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"Although visually stunning, icy platinum blonde shades have high-maintenance upkeep and potential hair damage," says Doyle. And while it clearly looks incredible as demonstrated by Queen Bey, 2024 hair colour trends are definitely going to take a more low-maintenance approach—perfect if you don't have an army of hair stylists at your disposal to keep your colour looking fresh. 

Replacing With: Honey Hints


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"Instead, 2024 will make way for warmer, honey-kissed blondes or richer honey browns," predicts Doyle. This wearable trend requires a less strenuous approach to keeping your colour in check, and allows for a more natural grow-out and finish. Plus, honeyed highlights always make hair look super healthy and expensive. 

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3. Swapping Out: Blunt Fringes


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I have basically always had a fringe, so I can't imagine that I'll be waving goodbye to it anytime soon, but if you're considering chopping one in then know that experts predict the way people will be wanting their bangs is changing. "Heavy, crisp and straight, blunt fringes are transitioning to softer, more blended fringe styles with more natural movement and texture," explains celebrity hair stylist Edward James.

Replacing With: Integrated Fringes and Layers


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Instead of blunt fringes with sharp lines, 2024 bangs will be all about movement and texture. "Consider fringes that blend seamlessly with your other layers of hair and have soft texture and movement," says James.

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4. Swapping Out: Curated Curls


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We all love using hair tools to either create curls where you have none or add extra definition and shape to ones you do have, but "doll-like curls" will be on their way out this year. "Meticulously crafted and overly uniform, these kinds of curls are being loosened for styles that embody a more relaxed and effortless style that isn't so perfect looking," says James.

Replacing With: Natural Texture


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"Embracing your hair's natural movement and texture leans towards a more carefree and chic style for 2024, moving away from the reliance on excessive heat styling that can look stiff," explains James. "Instead, celebrate a more natural texture that accentuates the inherent beauty of your hair."

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5. Swapping Out: '90s Highlights


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I have a soft spot for the bold, '90s-inspired highlights that have made a comeback in recent years, but 2024 is going to be more about undetectable colour techniques. "Stripy, '90s highlights are being upgraded to subtle, face-framing highlights which blend gently from the roots, leaving no obvious roots as they grow out," says James.

Replacing With: Ribbon Lights


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"Ribbon lights are a much more wearable and sophisticated upgrade on '90s and noughties highlights," explains James. "They provide brighter pops of colour, but through the body of the hair on the back and sides rather than the top section of the hair—so they are more subtle and peek-a-boo."

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6. Swapping Out: Mullets


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Throwback haircuts like the mullet have really grown in popularity over the last couple of years, but Mathew Watt, FFØR Ambassador and owner of Socially Painted Salon, thinks they've had their moment in the spotlight. ""he mullet is definitely a cut that hasn’t been requested in the salon as much recently," says Watt. "When done right, mullets can look incredible, but make sure you are 100% committed if you are thinking about it for 2024."

Replacing With: Wolf and Kitty Cuts


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In its place? Kitty cuts and wolf cuts are the more wearable counterparts to the classic mullet style. "The wolf cut became big on TikTok over the last year and is a great alternative to a mullet," says Watt. "It's a little more cool than the shag cut and is the perfect mix of both looks. Change up your wolf cut by playing with fringe lengths adding extra texture for more volume."

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7. Swapping Out: Claw Clips


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They're the ultimate low-maintenance hair hack, but hairstylist and Hershesons colourist Damian Gray predicts that "claw clips have had their moment for a while now, and it’s time for the bow to make its mark".

Replacing with: Statement Hair Bows


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"Accessorising with a ribbon has made a comeback in the modern age, and will be everywhere in 2024," predicts Gray. "Starting in fashion, it has now made its mark on the hair industry." Keep your eyes peeled with awards season coming up for plenty of bows on the red carpet.

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8. Swapping Out: Experimental Hair Colours


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Bold hues like cowboy copper and cherry coke were big news last year, and I'm all for experimenting with new hues when it comes to hair colour—after all, nothing is permanent. However, Molly Newell, Stylist at the Neil Moodie Studio, predicts that "vibrant and eccentric hair colours are on the way out". Instead? "For 2024, the trend is moving towards enhancing our natural hair with subtle, more pastel tones and colours that complement our existing tones."

Replacing with: Expensive-Looking Shine


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Rather than colour, Newell believes that he focus in 2024 will be on "healthy, natural hair"—and that means plenty of shine. "Say goodbye to over-processed locks and lengthy waits between haircuts," says Newell. "It's all about self-love—whether through a significant cut, returning to your natural roots, or embracing your curls, the clean, glossy, natural look is here to stay."

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