6 French-Girl Spring Outfits That Are "Basic" But Fashion-Forward

We probably don’t need to sit here and remind you about why French-girl style is especially appealing. After all, we cover Parisian fashion on the regular to routinely offer up all the effortlessly-cool inspiration you could ever need. On that note, we recently highlighted the simple items an influencer swears by to look more “French,” and thought it may be of interest to dive even deeper into the “basic” pieces that make up a French woman’s wardrobe.

To do this, we went straight to the Instagrams of some of our favorite fashion people. What we uncovered is that Parisian women continue to wear seemingly simple outfits that are made up of more elevated basic items, but the ensembles in question don’t look basic in any way. They’re quite fashion-forward. Hey—what do you expect from the coolest style set out there?

To show you what we mean, we rounded up six French-girl spring outfits that are simple but quite impactful. And while you may have many of the items featured in each fit already in your closet, we shopped out inspired finds as well in case your wardrobe could use a refresh.

Leggings teamed with a white tee is a classic combo that many of us live in day-to-day. Toss on a trendy blazer (although, any blazer will do), layer on your favorite necklaces, and you have yourself a simple but fashion-forward vibe.

Joggers have been the key cozy trends of the season. The simplest way to make the laid-back staple look impossibly chic? Incorporate an on-trend sweater. And sure, a vibrant cropped pick may not be “basic,” but it's a shape that's becoming more mainstream. Also, note that any colorful knit would work here.

How a french girl wears a button down



When it comes to outfit formulas that just always work, a white button-down shirt and jeans take the cake. To amp up this basic fit even more, consider wrapping a sweater around your shoulders to give the look extra dimension.

How a french girl wears jeans



Trench coats always dominate for spring and have the ability to take the easiest ensemble (ahem, a T-shirt and jeans) to that next level.

How a French girl wears a cardigan



You can't go wrong with a cardigan. TBH, it's probably one of the top elevated basics in any fashion girl's wardrobe at the moment. Pair one with an interesting top (like this lace-up situation), a pair of straight-leg jeans, and cool sneakers.

How a French girl wears a slip dress



The beauty of a slip dress (not a “basic,” but rather an easy staple) is that you can literally toss it on and go. For a more high-concept look, the addition of a slouchy blazer and of-the-moment loafers will bring a modern feel to the silhouette.

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