6 New Sweatpant Outfits That Will Actually Impress You

Forget what you've long thought about sweatpants because they've officially proven they are currently the most versatile basic around. The cozy home pants are, of course, still that—the perfect bottoms to wear when you want to cuddle up on the couch. However, they're not just limited to lounge looks anymore. With a few simple styling tricks, you'll have a cute sweatpant outfit you can wear in the confines of your own home and, hopefully in the near future, outside as well. 

If you still need a bit more convincing (or want some fresh ideas for how to style them), you're in luck because we scoured Instagram to find the six best sweatpant outfits that are seriously impressive. From some unexpected pairings like cropped blazers and sweats to simpler ones like an iconic matching set, the below getups are all you'll want to wear throughout the rest of quarantine and beyond.

Read on to see the fashion girl–approved way to wear sweats, and then shop our favorites on the market. 

I was already a major fan of the sweater-tied-around-the-shoulders look, but seeing it paired with these sweats and a tight tank made me even more of a believer.  

Cute outfits with sweatpants



I'm sorry, but a tie-dye look will always have onlookers moved to their core, mainly because there's always so much to look at. Regardless, we will always be impressed by sweats in a bold tie-dye print. But be sure to throw on some Nike socks to really add some flair to the vibe. 

Cute outfits with sweatpants



I was always a tad baffled by how to style a cropped blazer, but this ensemble proves to me that in the end, it doesn't even matter how you style it because it's the blazer that makes the outfit. As seen here, even simple gray sweatpants can go from basic to polished with this simple addition. 

Cute outfits with sweatpants



A matching sweatsuit is always a good idea. If you're feeling lazy or are in a rush, this iconic duo will be the perfect blank canvas for all your favorite accessories time and again. 

This look could not be more "fashion-girl" if it tried. From the Chanel bag down to the New Balance sneakers, this might just be the trendiest sweatpant outfit of the bunch. 

Getting too hot for a sweatshirt? Beat the system and style your favorite colored sweatpants with a matching T-shirt and some sporty sneakers. 

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