The Cute Summer Outfits I Always Fall Back On


Collage Vintage

My brain gets fuzzy when it's too hot out. Normally, I can mix and match an outfit with no problem, but something about muggy, stuffy heat makes it difficult for me to do much more than sit in the air conditioning. But after four and a half years of living in New York, I've devised a certain number of easy outfits that I always fall back on when it's too hot to function. Some are more polished (as not to offend your boss), while others are simply designed for those weekend days when the plan is to kick back and relax in the shade somewhere.

Below you'll find my 11 summer survival ensembles along with a little shopping to help you put them together too. You'll quickly see that my outfits are decidedly simple—lots of denim and T-shirts, but there's a reason for that. Summer isn't the time to get all fussy and complicated. In my opinion, it's better to just keep things chill. So on that note, go ahead and scope out my go-to summer looks and prepare to survive even the toastiest days looking pretty polished.