What Even Is a Cute Pair of Flats? We Found 28 That Answer the Question

The other day, I was Slack messaging with a co-worker (also my best friend but that part isn't relevant to the story), and she proposed a story idea to me. The conversation was as follows:

Mimi: Will you pitch a cute story on flats?

Mimi: What even is a cute flat?

Mimi: You need to investigate. 

Me: Tbh idk I don't wear flats like that. 

Mimi: Like what?

Mimi: I mean flat shoes it doesn't have to be a ballet flat. 

Mimi: Like when you don't wanna wear sandals or sneakers, what the hell else is left?



The more I thought about it, the more I realized I really never wear flats, but there are so many times that a flat sole is necessary, e.g., commuting, leisurely strolls through the neighborhood, running errands while not looking like a slob, and more. Mimi was right: If you don't want to wear sneakers and it's too cold for sandals, flats are your only option, so you might as well have some cute ones at your disposal. But what even is a cute pair of flats? If your style doesn't vibe with ballet flats and you don't like loafers, it's easy to feel like there are no more options. But today, I'm here to prove that that's not the case at all.

In an effort to help Mimi, myself, and hopefully you, I have rounded up 28 pairs of cute flats that are guaranteed to make your outfit just as sleek as a pair of boots or pointy heels would. So yes, cute flats can be defined, and the assortment below is all the proof you need. Go on, scroll down.You'll see. 

These shoes have officially become a fashion-girl favorite. 

Jack Erwin just launched women's shoes for the first time, and they are not only chic but affordable as well. 

The sleekness of a heel with the comfort of a flat.

Get a bit wild and slip into some cow-print shoes this season.

I'm sorry, but we will never be over Miu Miu ballet flats. 

Snag these for your next warm-weather getaway. 

Tiger print is pretty much changing the animal-print game this season.

Bet you've never seen a Mary Jane this rambunctious before. 

Croc, Prada, and a baby bow. Yes, you need these. 

Slippers that are acceptable to wear outside of the house.

A built-in anklet is definitely the answer to all of our flat woes. 

Tailored trousers would make these feel so fresh.

Finally, ballet flats that don't feel tired. 

In case you're still on the slime-green train. 

Charles & Keith always has the best styles at the best prices.

All you need now is a pair of white ankle socks.

These might be the cutest color-block flats we've seen.

Your jeans will look great with these glitzy flats.

Do yourself a favor and click in to check out all the angles of this shoe. 

Zebra is giving tiger print a run for its money.

Just a slight heel in case flats kind of scare you.

Did you know Zara Home has incredible shoes? Well, now you do.

These two-tone loafers will be your saving grace while commuting. 

Next up, here are some other shoe options to wear that aren't flats in case the 28 pairs above didn't convince you.