20 Cute Cold-Weather Outfits That Will Make You Glad Winter's Here

There's a reason fashion girls don't fret as the weather cools. When the temperatures drop, the opportunities to make a sartorial statement rise. Layering provides so many possibilities for test-driving novel stylings and working more daring pieces into your ensemble. However, once the number on the thermostat sinks to a certain level, it can become difficult to dress with style in mind when your priority is suiting up for the blistering cold. But just because you're dressing wisely for the winter weather doesn't mean you have to do away with fashion and find yourself in a cocoon of puffy layers, smothered in scarves. To prove good style and smartly dressing for winter are not mutually exclusive, we've rounded up 20 cute cold-weather outfits that survived uncomfortably cold temperatures and fashion week.

Head below for 20 cute cold-weather outfits that will make you glad winter's here.