The Wedding Band Trend That Looks Incredible With All Your Other Rings

Wedding bands are thought to be standalone items. They have a designated finger and everything, right? However, the ideal wedding band isn't one that can't be worn with other rings. Au contraire; it's the ring that looks incredible with your entire ring collection since stacking rings is always a great way to accessorize any look. Why would you want to leave your wedding band out of the fun? That said, one wedding band trend that has caught our eye and definitely falls under "the more the merrier" category is curved wedding bands. Not only they are delicate and classic, but they literally hug all your other rings to stacking perfection.

No matter of how you look at it, whether you opt for a classic gold band, you go platinum, or you can't help a little sparkle with some diamonds, curved wedding bands are ideal to mix and match. Plus, it's a nice way to give a subtle twist to the classic wedding band. So if you're a traditional bride that's looking for something classic with a hint of personality, check out the 15 curved wedding bands we've put together below.

For anyone who prefers a bit of extra shine.

If it looks pretty online, can you imagine how it'll look IRL?

Go for a subtle (and shiny) curved band. 

If you want a more non-traditional wedding band, these might be up your alley