These Timeless Wedding Bands Won't Break the Bank

A wedding can add up quickly—plain and simple. From picking a venue to securing the perfect wedding dress to finding a caterer, there are so many costs to take into account when planning and eventually executing one's special day. But that's not to say it's impossible to successfully do so on a tight budget—it just takes a bit more constraint and a lot more strategizing. Maybe that means taking a risk and ordering a gown (or gowns) on a more unusual website, just like one Who What Wear reader did (and found success with!). Or maybe that means spending a little bit less on the all-important wedding band—a piece of jewelry that holds so much meaning but, to be quite frank, really doesn't need to break the bank. There are so many timeless, classic styles out there that are super wallet-friendly. Don't believe us? Then you're in for a surprise because ahead we found the most stunning wedding bands that are, wait for it, all under $100. Read on to see our edit.

Available in sizes 4 to 11.

Available in sizes 4 to 7.5.

Next up, read about to chose the best wedding band to suit your engagement ring.

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