The Halloween Costume to Wear, Based on Your Personal Style

Some people love Halloween because they get to be something or someone they're not, but not everyone is on board with that. Costumes are so often on the opposite side of the spectrum as far as your personal style goes. It doesn't always have to be like that, though.

We're here to share that you can indeed find a Halloween costume to wear that goes with your personal style and will make you feel authentically you. Whether you're always drawn to classic staples, are constantly wanting to try the next big thing, or strive for comfort, period, the looks ahead have you in mind. The creative Halloween costumes ideas below will not only speak to your personal style but might wake up a hint of curiosity, as well. It's Halloween, after all.

If your style is all about cool comfort…

Try channeling your self-care queen. Whether you simply give a shout-out to your favorite character by wearing a top that serves as the whole costume (how effortless is that?) or you take your Sunday Scaries rituals very seriously, there's a cool and comfortable costume for you.

If you're always experimenting with your personal style…

Go all-out. If you're more of a maximalist who is always looking for ways to push your style, then consider channeling that energy for your Halloween costume. From wigs to platform boots to a whole lot of sequins, there's a bold combination that has your name all over it.

If there isn't a trend you haven't tried…

Dress up as your favorite movie character. Opt for dressing up like a cult film or big box-office movie character, all while adding your own personal twist. Everybody will instantly know who you are, and the Instagram pics will turn out great.

If you describe your style as classy…

Try a masquerade costume. If you're all about classic ensembles created by staple pieces, then keep your costume on the mysterious side. Simply take your LBD out for a spin and add a mask and some pretty jewelry to obtain that foolproof masquerade Halloween look.

Proof that there's a costume out there for you!

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