Cool and Creative Blazer Outfits—a Montage

If there's anything spring 2018 has taught us before it's even started, it's that a great blazer can instantly bring your look to new heights. Not sure how to style yours in a way that feels fresh? Don't fret, for we've gathered the handful of creative blazer outfits that have us weak in the knees. Seriously, one look at the creative blazer outfit ideas ahead will have you wondering if wearing one every single day of the week is acceptable. We're here to tell you that it is and we support you in that decision. But first, let's hear it for the ladies who are killing it in the name of blazer styling. Ready? 

Pastels are one of spring's biggest trends, and a pastel suit is the epitome of cool this season, trust us.

Printed blazers are definitely hard to pull off, but with a contrasting pair of trousers, a floral blouse, and sleek sneakers, it will quickly become your best friend.

All black with a touch of unique detailing? An outfit we'll never tire of, and neither should you. 

If you assemble a creative blazer outfit without your BFF matching you, did you really even get dressed that day? Asking for a friend. 

Wear this look with sneakers, ankle boots, or heeled sandals, and its impeccably cool nature will reign supreme. The definition of a foolproof outfit? We think so.

We love how fresh a printed blazer looks with a contrast print layered underneath. Pair the duo with a miniskirt and colored tights, and you'll be so spring 2018.

Tuck one side of your blazer into your pants or skirt for a fresh take on the classic piece. Adding a colored knit and statement belt into the mix won't hurt either.

Meet your new going-out outfit. Because being a boss doesn't stop at 5 p.m.

Adding a chain belt to your go-to blazer and jeans will quickly make the outfit you rely on feel brand-new, and we love that for you.

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