3.7 Billion Eyes Agree: This Viral Trend Is the Moment

There's viral and then there's TikTok viral. And as the most popular social media app of 2022, blowing up on TikTok means there's serious weight behind it. After all, the app is responsible for selling out everything from the mundane like scrubbing sponges and cans of shredded chicken to Abercrombie dresses and salicylic liquid exfoliants, so when a recent report declared the corset as TikTok's most popular trend with 3.7 billion views, that definitely means something.

Although it's reaching a high point now, the popularity of the corset may be less of a surprise for those who've been keeping tabs on circulating trends. Last year, the renaissance corset made the social media rounds as a microtrend, and since then we've only seen more variations of the piece from names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, Miaou, and more. The good part is you don't have to be born after 2001 to appreciate the sartorial power of the piece—it's actually quite simple to pull off. To see how fashion people everywhere including myself are pulling off TikTok's officially most viral trend, you'll want to keep reading. 

How I'm Wearing the Trend



One of my favorite ways to style a corset includes wearing it as a matching set. The outfit basically sorts itself out and the combo receives so many compliments every time.



Another corset matching set, another day. This time I wore Miaou's toile version in Rome. 



When everyone DMs you about your outfit, you know it's a hit. After posting this combo from Indie brand Rezek Studio on Instagram, my inbox was flooded with questions. I also wore it to a concert IRL and the outfit received the same attention.

How Fashion People Are Wearing Corsets

Style tip: Try a lingerie-inspired corset for a fall-appropriate version.



Style tip: Use extra wide-leg pants to counterbalance the cinched waist of your corset.

Style tip: Pair a corset with a miniskirt for the ultimate night-out look.



Style tip: Don't be intimated by experimenting with color—including cerulean blue.



Style tip: As proved before, matching sets are a definite no-brainer.



Style tip: If you're not feeling mini lengths, you can always coordinate your top with a romantic midi skirt.

Shop More Viral Corsets:

This embellishment… I mean, come on!

Hard to believe this is under $100.

Satin and lace-up detailing?! An impeccable combo.

Wear them together or just the corset alone.

This outfit is literally perfect.

According to Urban Outfitters, this is a best seller.

I need a separate checking account just for Dion Lee corsets alone.

Style this with black puddle pants for a '90s approach.

The cute little shoulder ties are everything.