The 12 Coolest Tropical Shirts for Summer

“Ugly” fashion pieces are having quite the fashion moment right now. First, we had chunky sneakers, then Bermuda shorts, and now there’s another item from the forgotten corner of our closets that we’ve been eyeing: tropical shirts. Yes, you read that correctly. But before you eye us like we’ve completely lost it, hear us out.

Undoubtedly, this bold floral-print top may seem difficult to pull off. It is one that screams tourist. Especially if you imagine it being paired with chunky sneakers and Bermuda shorts. But if we’ve learned anything from throwback fashion is that nowadays any questionable trend can be repurposed for the better good.

So instead of solely wearing tropical shirts to the beach, try sporting them with your favorite pair of high-rise jeans and heeled sandals or wearing them with a midi skirt for brunch. Regardless, we’ve rounded up the best tropical-printed shirts that will surely add a fun twist to your summer wardrobe.

See? It’s like bringing the beach to you, one tropical-print shirt at a time.

Opening Image: Street Smith