The Coolest Ways to Wear Your Scarf Right Now

Scarves are one of fall and winter's most beloved (and useful) accessories, and it helps to not only update your wardrobe with a new scarf or two each cold-weather season but also have some scarf styling tricks up your sleeve. You know, for when your outfit needs an upgrade but you're pressed for time and your budget is tight. Whether it's tying a silky style on your handbag, knotting it in an interesting way, or unexpectedly using one as a belt, there are endless ways to make a scarf feel exciting, and we've rounded up six of our favorites today. Not only that, but thanks to our namesake clothing line for Target, we've also got a scarf to shop for each, and they're all under $20!

See and shop our tips below!

1. The Bag Accessory

2. The Casual Drape

3. The Easy Tie

4. The Chunky Knot

5. The Creative Belt

6. French-Inspired Bow 

Do you have any scarf styling tips? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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