The Shoe Brands Everyone Will Wear This Summer



Shoes—one of my favorite topics. Like bags, they’re one piece I love buying most because they don’t subscribe to dress sizes and fit me at any given time. Yes, even after I’ve indulged in a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine at dinner with friends. So naturally, they’re one of the items I most enjoy adding to my closet. Carrie Bradshaw and I certainly have an affinity for all things shoes in common.

And lately, there are so many cool shoe brands that are on my radar. With a few scrolls on my Instagram feed, I’ve noticed some labels that are gaining popularity and are sure to be everywhere this summer. Ahead, I’m breaking down the coolest shoe brands of the moment including everything from true classics to up-and-coming labels to future standbys that you’re about to see everywhere—and wear all season long.