Who What Wear Editors Told Me the Coolest Jewelry to Know About Right Now

I'm very loyal to my fashion staples, and that applies to jewelry, so I've had many of the same pieces on rotation for the last several years. While I see them as mainstays in my wardrobe for a long time moving forward, I've been interested in mixing up my jewelry to include some updated finds. Curious to know the latest cool jewelry to know about, I asked Who What Wear fashion editors to weigh in with the eye-catching pieces that are on their radar right now.

Their finds cover all of the bases, ranging from trendy, affordable pieces to timeless investment buys. So whether you're in the market for something cool and colorful or an iconic Rolex timepiece, our editors have the exact finds to add to your closet. Ahead, see the cool jewelry finds we're talking about now, starting with the pieces at the top of my personal shopping list.

Sophie Buhai always has such beautiful takes on jewelry, including this handcrafted bracelet made from freshwater and baroque pearls.

I'm drawn to the beautiful, raw quality of this gold diamond ring—a take on fine jewelry materials that feels elegant yet approachable.

I've been interested in purchasing a timepiece and have my eye on a Tank Watch from Cartier. The Louis style, finished with a leather band, is the perfect investment piece to wear every day.

"I've always loved Wolf Circus's pieces, but its latest line of swirl and heart-pendant designs is especially cool."

"Though a lot of people argue that watches aren't considered jewelry, these days, many purchase the luxury investments based on their outside appearance just as much as their intricate internal designs. To me, there's nothing classier and more elegant than a designer wristwatch, and the one I'm currently eyeing is this 26mm Rolex Lady Datejust."

"Bea Bongiasca is a universally loved brand by Who What Wear editors, so when it launches a new design, we're the first to know. The initial pendants that the brand just put out are each so pretty and unique. Come the holidays, they'll make for the perfect gift."

"Call me cheesy, but anything heart shaped immediately catches my eye. So naturally, I'm in love with these earrings that are a subtle nod to my favorite organ."

"I wore this body chain on a recent vacation, and it was love at first sight. Finding out that it was once worn by Hailey Bieber was enough to convince me to wear it as soon as I stepped off the plane. It took a very simple white bikini to the next level."

"Dorsey's tennis necklaces and bracelets look like they cost $6k (or more). It's no wonder that they're constantly selling out."

"I'm trading all of my plastic Y2K-inspired rings for pretty enamel ones. These are delicate yet fun."

"All of the proceeds from this meaningful necklace are being donated to Planned Parenthood. That's a great incentive to buy it—don't you think?"

"I love how small and subtle the diamond initial is on this pearl necklace. It makes it perfect for everyday wear."

"This line is handcrafted in Australia, and I just love that it's completely effortless. Not too trendy, super special, and reasonably priced."

"If you're looking for that world-traveled, eclectic jewelry vibe, I love Oiya. Its prices are so affordable, and each time you buy a piece, you are feeding a child for a day through the SharetheMeal program."

"As I'm getting older, I've been eyeing more and more investment jewelry, as I'd love to have family heirlooms to pass down. Jonne Amaya makes made-to-order, sustainable jewelry that you'll have for a lifetime."

"After being devoted to dainty chain necklaces for so long, I'm starting to get into single statement pieces, especially as the only jewelry staple in my outfit. Case in point: this fun-loving heart pendant. I'd dress it up with a slip dress but also love the idea of wearing it with some clean basics to let it really have its moment."

"Bea Bongiasca's whimsical pieces are eternally on my jewelry wish list. I've never seen anything quite like the brand's twisted enamel rings—they're such a fresh take on fine jewelry."

"I consider earring styling to be a bona fide hobby of mine, so I get excited when I see a piece that will spice up my stack of simple hoops and studs. I have my eye on this ear threader and already know that the styling possibilities with it are endless."

"I take my ring collection very seriously, and while I stick to a majority of dainty ones, I like to wear one that's bigger and more of a statement. This thick gold ring is just perfect, and I can see myself opting for the silver one, too, to mix metals."

"I obviously love Mango's clothing selection, but its jewelry is worth the hype too. I've gotten a few pieces from there, and they're still going strong, and I always get compliments. I'm currently eyeing this silver chain to add to my necklace collection."

"I never thought I'd be a watch girl, but this Breda watch has changed me! It's not too big and has a vintage element to it that I love. Even in its small size, it elevates my look with ease. I have the gold one currently, but I want the duotone one next."