The Trend People Have Been Wearing for Decades


Getty Images

Cindy Crawford's outfit is my inspiration for my next going-out look.

Not keen on investing in fleeting trends? We don't blame you. Not saying I personally don't love a good Zara haul packed with fast fashion's latest versions of the hottest trends, but sometimes analyzing the lifespan of a product is a good idea too. One trend we know has been around for decades and decades (proof is in the celebrity pics I sprinkled throughout) is graphic T-shirts. My dad definitely wore the trend in the '80s, models wore it in the '90s, and I'm wearing it today. Mark my words—this trend ain't going nowhere.

This trend is one of my favorites and has been for quite some time now because it truly can show the personality of the wearer. In my mind, when it comes to graphic tees, the weirder the better. Hopefully, you'll find something that suits your best you in the selection ahead, and if you need some old-school inspiration, check out the photos I dug up of old celebs sporting cool graphic T-shirts better than I ever could.