11 Stylish People My BFF and I Always Text, DM, and Chat About

In this day and age, are you even friends if you don't send 143 direct Instagram messages to each other in one day? The answer is no, and if you and your so-called BFF don't do this, you might want to reevaluate your relationship. I, for one, can attest to sending my bestie, Mimi, dozens of DMs a day and vice versa. Thanks to the time difference of me being in New York and her in Los Angeles, I know something is wrong if I don't wake up to a phone blown up with Instagram messages, each warranting its own individual response. While some of these messages are memes, most of them are all about the stylish fleet of actors, movie characters, musicians, and influencers we obsess over. 

While this whole concept might seem trivial to some, it would be naive to claim that these individuals we all follow on social media didn't have an effect on our personal style. Today, Mimi and I are here to share the ones we love the most. Some you definitely probably already follow while others are old movie characters whose style we still chat about on a daily basis. Whether it be texting, DM, or chatting via Slack during work (don't tell our bosses!), the 11 stylish people ahead are the cream of the crop in our books. Slide into our DMs if you agree and don't @ us if you don't. 

A$AP Rocky

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#ASAProcky layered up in #Gucci.

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"Everything A$AP Rocky wears is my goal aesthetic. From his Gucci fanny packs to his impeccable Vans styling, I find myself drooling over literally every single one of his 'fits." — Lauren Eggertsen 

Molly Gunn From Uptown Girls

"RIP, Brittany Murphy. Ever since she used a lampshade as a hair clip in 2003, I have wanted to grow up to be Molly Gunn." — Mimi Postigo

Ezra Miller

"Ezra Miller? Yeah, I have no words. He could wear a trash bag as a dress and I'd be like 'Quick, someone hand me a trash bag!'" — Lauren Eggertsen 


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ELLE MAGAZINE March 2018 @elleusa 📘📙📗

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"I never dressed this cool in my youth (wtf, mom) and I never will as an adult, either. Eight-year-old is my new aesthetic in 2019." — Mimi Postigo 

Cole Sprouse

**Mimi and Lauren can no longer comment on Cole Sprouse at this time as the release of his latest GQ shoot has them bedridden.** 

Giorgia Tordini

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🍸 #cheers

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"Both the minds and the style of the Attico girls are something Mimi and I talk about on a daily basis. While it's literally our goal in life to be as successful as the duo, it's always Giorgia's party looks that have us in tears." — Lauren Eggertsen

Leo Mandella

"When Mimi and I found this kid on Instagram, we were so stoked. His style is fresh and his sense of humor is even fresher. If you're looking for strong caption game inspo, this is your spot." — Lauren Eggertsen 

Nnena Chem & Maren Schia

"I feel like this is how Lauren and I wish we dressed. We’re not this cool though." — Mimi Postigo 

Ansel Elgort

"Have I been a fan of Ansel since his days in the Divergent series? Yes, fam. Don't @ me. Somehow he's been wearing every crazy trend (neon, tie-dye, Hawaiian T-shirts) since day one and always looks flawless doing it. You could call me a stan." — Mimi Postigo 

The Biebers

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My wife is awesome

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"I don't know which one I’d rather dress like. It's a 10/10 for both from me." — Mimi Postigo 

Dua Lipa

"These days, everyone is obsessed with Dua, and not to be one of those people, but Mimi and I were obsessed with her first. Bye." — Lauren Eggertsen