27 Cool Bags That Are Worth Your Money—Even If It's Just $24

By Far Velvet Bag @jen_wonders



I've spent a lot of time thinking about purses lately—from the grandma trend that's taking over and totally worth investing in to the It bags my 56-year-old mom gave her coveted stamp of approval to. Not only do I write about them, but I also love shopping for them. Yep—bags just so happen to be one of my vices. (I'm sure a lot of readers can relate to that part.)

As such, for no reason other than my pure entertainment I thought it would be a fitting time to round up some of the best styles I've come across as of late—from a $24 ASOS find to some expensive designer pieces. Not only will you find a range of price points below, but you'll also see that there's a style for everyone. To see and shop 27 of the coolest bags out there right now—including the one above—just keep scrolling.

How good is this color and material combo?

Love the shape, print color, and texture.

I'm into all things tiger print right now.

This might be the best bag Zara has made all year—and that's saying a lot.

I'm willing to plan a party outfit around this beauty.

Top handles will always be in style.

This brand just has the coolest, most affordable bags around.

How does Rejina Pyo keep coming up with the most unique shapes?

It's actually confusing to me how this is still in stock.

You had to have known a Bottega bag was coming.

Just when I thought I couldn't love Mark Cross's bags any more than I already did, the brand comes out with this beauty.

Of course, I had to get Shrimps in a roundup of cool bags. 

I'm not sure what's better—the shape or the print.

This is obviously party-ready, but it would really make your daytime outfits stand out.

Can you tell by now I have a penchant for anything sparkly?