5 NYC Consignment Shops Where Fashion Insiders Sell Their Clothes

One might naturally assume that anyone who works closely within the fashion industry can be trusted to know where to shop for the coolest brands, the most hard-to-come-by pieces, and how to get the best deals. But we’d be remiss not to ask them where to sell (or, in some cases, donate) clothing as well. As any style-savvy New Yorker knows, streamlining a small space, or perhaps nonexistent closet, is just as important as determining what to add to it. So we asked eight experts.

The biggest takeaway is that not every fashion insider is keen on schlepping their unwanted pieces to a consignment shop. In many cases, they preferred to use a combination of old fashion resale shops with online consignment services as well as hand-selected donation organizations to make sure their pieces went to a good new home.

Ahead, take notes on how eight New Yorkers (although technically one L.A. resident with a 17-year history in NYC) sell, consign, and pass on their loved but no-longer-worn clothing.

Now that you’ve learned the ropes, go ahead and make some room in your closet.