I Flew From L.A. to NYC in This Set, and Now I'll Never Travel in Anything Else

I'm a creature of habit, especially when it comes to clothes. Once I find something that works, I'll be loyal to it forever, telling everyone I know (and even some people I don't know) about it until they give in and eventually buy it. It's this somewhat toxic trait that brings me to today's newfound obsession, which arrives in the form of a cozy yet elevated two-piece lounge set that recently turned my five-hour red-eye from L.A. to NYC into a truly luxurious experience. 

To preface, I'm not usually someone who wears loungewear on a plane. Ever since I saw my biggest childhood crush—Cam Gigandet, aka Volchok on The O.C.—on this same red-eye flight back in high school, I've been under the impression that you should always somewhat dress up for a flight, and I usually opt for relaxed jeans and a button-down shirt or T-shirt rather than a sweatsuit. But when Who What Wear Collection launched the Millie Deep-V Sweater and Grace Pull-On Pants, I figured why not? The two items didn't look like the makings of your typical sweatsuit, nor did they feel like one. The material is super soft but also very luxe. They seemed like the perfect in-between travel outfit, so I pressed purchase.

I made the mistake of not wearing the set on my flight to L.A., instead choosing to toss on one of my usual, far less comfortable ensembles. On the way back, however, I had learned my lesson. The pants, despite feeling like pajama pants, look more like trousers that happen to have an elastic waistband. The V of the sweater is extremely flattering as well, much more so than a crew-neck would be. I added a bodysuit that would've otherwise taken up space in my carry-on (which was already over capacity thanks to a few too many shopping trips). But the addition didn't look unintentional—instead, it just elevated the set even further. 

Suffice to say, by the time I touched down in NYC, I had sworn off wearing anything other than this set for long flights. Jeans would, from now on, forever be packed away in my suitcase, rather than worn for the flight. This set, however, will have a very different fate.

Shop my go-to travel set below. Trust me—you'll never travel in anything else. 

If it gets too warm on the plane or even at your destination, simply toss this knit over your shoulders for a casual-cool look. 

These are the kind of pants that you actually never want to take off. 

More travel-ready Who What Wear Collection items:

This is the bodysuit in question, and yes, it is a comfortable corset (the impossible made possible).

A latte-colored sweater is just the kind of cozy piece you need for travel days. 

As one happy shopper put it, "Do NOT hesitate to order this dress (or ANY other item from their site), you will NOT be sorry."

Comfortable is the understatement of a year when discussing this jumpsuit.

You'll absolutely want this dress on your trip, so why not wear it on the flight? 

This fabric is so stretchy and soft you'll forget you're wearing a skirt. 

This dress is so lightweight it's like wearing nothing at all.

This incredible print isn't all this dress is good for. It's also wildly comfortable and easy to throw on.

I feel like people don't think to wear a knit midi skirt to travel in, but I'll never understand why. They look and feel so good. 

I'm a proud owner of this dress and would absolutely spend a five-hour flight in it.