These New Pieces Are Going to Be Wardrobe Disrupters—I Can Just Tell

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We've reached a point in our spring wardrobe where it's time to bring in some really powerful pieces. The newest arrivals from Who What Wear Collection do just that, so we've decided to give them a little nickname—wardrobe disrupters. While that title might make you think of statement pieces you can only wear once, think again. With just one of these items, your everyday uniform can be totally transported to the next level.

These fashion finds were conceptualized by our talented team of fashion designers and editors. They are very wearable and easy to style in numerous ways, so just know that there's quite the opportunity for your wardrobe to be, well, disrupted.

A good power suit that feels different always wins me over, so that's definitely going to be the first item I buy, especially those wide-leg pants that are so on-trend. The next thing I totally have my eyes on is the floral cardigan. It's the perfect way to say hello to spring. A plethora of wardrobe staples follow, each of them having the 2022 feel that I'm so here for. I think the rest of my spring wardrobe will come from these pieces, so have a scroll below to discover yours too.


Wide-Leg Pants
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"True story: These wide-leg trousers have replaced my go-to jeans more often than not lately. I've been styling them with everything from sporty sneakers to strappy heeled sandals. And for the days when I want to look extra polished, the matching blazer is an absolute must."

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The Statement Cardigan
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"I love mixing in pops of bright colors in my outfits, and this cardigan is the perfect way to do so. It’s fun, super comfortable, and has quickly become my go-to sweater. Dress it up over a slip skirt, pair it with jeans, it’ll work either way." —Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor

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The Updated Blazer
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"This blazer may look like it has a vest layered underneath it but it's actually all one perfectly tailored piece. Genius? I think so. I also love the oversize fit—it's giving me major Hailey Bieber vibes." —Michaela Bushkin, Senior Fashion Editor

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