I'm a Fashion Editor Who Wears the Same Pieces Again and Again—37 I Swear By


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I always have been and always will be an outfit repeater. In kindergarten, my family took a weeklong vacation to Jamaica, and I packed one pair of pants: yellow cargos from the boys' department at Gap. I wore them every single day of the trip paired with the only swimsuit I brought, which was a red Speedo one-piece. Almost two decades later, not much has changed—at least not when it comes to my proclivity to wear a select number of tried-and-true wardrobe items and then wear them a dozen more times with no shame. 

These days, my tendency to wear the same things over and over has less to do with limited options and more to do with taste (and maybe a little bit of laziness). If I find something that I like that also fits me well and can be mixed and matched with my pre-existing sartorial regulars, I'm not just going to wear it once and then store it away until people forget. I'm going to get my money's worth by styling it in every which way that I can. 

If dressing this way has taught me anything, though, it's that the pieces that do make it into your wardrobe rotation have to be versatile, season-less (for the most part), and fun to wear. After all, the goal isn't to wear the exact same outfit day in and day out but rather to wear the same individual pieces in a way that makes them appear different with each look. 

Keep scrolling to find out which 37 essentials I repeat again and again. 


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Knee-high boots are my kryptonite. No matter how warm it is or how low-key an occasion is, you can find me stomping around in a pair of tall heeled boots. 


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I love pairing long jackets with short skirts. Maybe it's because I listened to that song by Cake too often in my formative years, but the combo is a classic for me.


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On my last trip to Los Angeles from NYC, I didn't even bring a pair of jeans or trousers—just a single pair of leather pants, which I wore for much of my stay.


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I was never much of a sneaker person until I got a pair of Sambas by Adidas. I love that they're not super hyped up like other retro styles these days. Plus, they're super comfortable and easy to style.


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Every single one of my friends has seen me wearing this waistcoat or one of the other four I own at least three times this season. 


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Every time I see this bag, I'm shocked by how much I still love it, even after carrying it 24/7 for almost a year. That's when you know you found a good one.

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