I Had Stopped Buying Sneakers, But This $80 Pair Found Me

There aren't many shopping-related things that make me happier than buying shoes, but for some reason, sneakers just haven't been doing much for me lately. When the athleisure trend first broke a few years ago, I quickly jumped on the sneaker bandwagon just like everyone else, but feeling like I had more sneakers than I did occasions to wear them, my interest waned. Until a couple of weeks ago, that is. While perusing Need Supply Co. (one of my favorite activities), I came across a pair of white Vans sneakers that weren't particularly new or exciting (one might even call them "boring"), but they drew me in.

The sneakers are from the brand's Vault by Vans line, which draws inspiration from contemporary streetwear, but the pair I'm currently smitten with is similar to its traditional slip-on sneakers. The difference is that they're made of buttery-soft leather and are a little wider than the traditional Vans slip-on sneakers, both of which add to the comfort factor significantly. Since the $80 sneakers found me, I've already worn them to the airport (twice!), to a workout class with my leggings, with jeans, dresses, and even denim cut-offs. The "boring" factor makes them wearable with just about anything and very timeless to boot. Convinced?

See the sneakers in action and shop other "boring" sneakers I'm a fan of below.


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Allyson Payer
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