10 Comfortable New Year's Eve Outfits You'll Wear All Through 2019

New Year’s Eve parties mostly consist of life’s simple pleasures: dancing, drinking, and eating. They also happen to be a pretty big fashion moment, but one of the potential pitfalls there is picking something uncomfortable and taking away from the entire experience. Who wants an outfit that won’t let them eat more of the appetizers being passed around or a pair of shoes that start to hurt as soon as they hit the dance floor? That’s right—no one. So, while planning what to wear for NYE this year, instead of gravitating toward pieces that will only bring you aches and pains, you should strongly consider comfortable staples that you’ll wear all through 2019. From sneakers (instead of those five-high heels) to prairie dresses, pajama pantsuits, and belt bags, there are always quick styling hacks to make the ultimate comfortable ensemble.

Now, whether you’re planning something more low-key to ring in the New Year or you’re still going to the club with all your best friends, we’ve rounded up a few looks that won’t have you feeling or looking like a disco ball. So, no awkward hemlines, no dresses without breathing room, no painstakingly high heels here—just pieces you’d normally wear with a comfortable yet festive holiday touch, as seen on some of our favorite style stars. Best part? They aren’t one-night outfits, either. We fully expect to see you in them again next year.

Now go ahead and find out which comfortable shoe trends you should wear with the outfits above.