The 5 Comfy Basics I'm Wearing With My Stretchiest Jeans 

In the realm of pants, I’m wearing either joggers or my stretchiest jeans at the moment to keep comfortable while at home with the current situation. While I recently covered some of the coolest items to wear with sweatpants, I thought I’d focus on the latter here with a debriefing on the next-level basics I’m teaming with my go-to jeans to create cozy yet chic looks. For reference, my favorite jeans right now are from Madewell. I wear the men’s version, but I like these in general because they’re made with stretch fabric with elastane.

The simple items in question all share the same qualities—easy, versatile, and always “in” given their timeless nature. To showcase the must-haves that look A+ with jeans, I included a snap of myself and also rounded up a range of past inspirational imagery from style setters wearing the basics I’m into with those stretchy or loose jeans. Keep scrolling for a bit of outfit inspiration to wear now or note for down the road. And if you’re shopping at the moment, I also put together my favorite basics and jeans.

1. Cardigan

Cardigans of all cuts have been trending hard over the last few seasons, but it's all about those roomier, extra-soft styles worn either as tops or layered with a T-shirt that work flawlessly with stretchy jeans.

2. Comfy Tee

The best T-shirts to wear with stretchy jeans



You can't deny the power of a jean-and-tee look. The trick is tucking in the tee for a modern vibe and choosing a T-shirt with an interesting twist like this muscle iteration.

3. Oversize Denim Jacket

A men's outfit with a denim jacket and skinny jeans



One outfit idea I'm all about is my favorite stretchy black Madewell jeans with a slouchy denim jacket. I'm actually testing it out now for Zoom calls when I want to look cool up top—and I'll definitely wear this 'fit at a later date as well.

4. Relaxed Shirt

A button-down is inherently polished and pairs easily with jeans. While this ensemble features a shirt tied for a cute look, I'm into the half-tuck vibe as well.

5. Slouchy Blazer

The best blazers to wear with stretchy jeans



For those Zoom meetings when I need to look professional, I like the idea of a slouchy blazer and loose jeans to look polished with comfort still top of mind.