7 Fashion Trends That Are So Out They Have to Be Due for a Comeback


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As we all know, fashion trends are cyclical. Just look at the revival of Y2K fashion happening at the moment. For whatever reason, I didn't think the low-rise trend would be creeping back into the mainstream so soon. I was actually dreading its return since I never could pull it off.

When I think back on all the trends throughout the years, there are so many that I look fondly on and wonder how imminent their comeback is. The '90s and 2000s are naturally top of mind, as they were my formative years. This spans everything from grunge and sleek minimalism to the glitzy pop-star era and the boho It girls who followed.

Keep scrolling to see seven trends I believe are destined for a comeback, plus some pieces you can shop to get each look. Who knows—if you scoop up what excites you the most, you just might be ahead of the curve next season.

1. Three-Quarter Sleeves

Three-quarter sleeves were everywhere—and I mean everywhere—for many years. Nineties minimalist pieces and preppier boatneck styles are where the sleeve length reigned supreme.

2. Super-Low Belts

This hip belt style had a variety of different aesthetics that it touched on, but nothing stands out to me more than the boho trend during the 2000s—Sienna Miller and Kate Moss had this look on lock.

3. Baggy Camo Pants

This cool printed pant style has had so many iterations throughout the past two decades. I distinctly remember liking a pair Gwen Stefani wore at an event in 1997, and Destiny's Child wore them in the early '00s.

4. Peep-Toe Pumps

Peep-toe heels were on every red carpet from the '90s through the '00s. There was a minute there where a platform version was the go-to for every celebrity stylist, especially in a neutral color or black from Christian Louboutin.

5. Butterfly Motifs

With the resurgence of Y2K, I can't help but immediately think about all the butterfly motifs that were floating around in the early aughts. Britney Spears comes to mind.

6. Newsboy Caps

Paris Hilton's hat collection in the early 2000s is all I can think of when I see these newsboy caps. The endless paparazzi photos showed this style worn with everything from velour suits to super-low-rise jeans.

7. Long, Skinny Scarves

Once upon a time, this barely-there piece was the go-to accessory. Even in the summer, we'd be draping a skinny scarf over tank tops and denim skirts.

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