The Anti-Minimal Nail Designs Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With Right Now

While colorful nail designs are certainly not a new thing in the beauty sphere, I've been seeing more and more bright-hued, mismatched, and unique nail art on my Instagram feed, especially from my favorite fashion girls, which reflects the punch of colors I've seen trending in clothing as well. As someone who keeps their nails either without polish or to one beloved minimal tone (Hi, Ballet Slippers by Essie!), I have to say I'm both intrigued and inspired. As I've already been a long-time maximalist when it comes to my wardrobe, I'm willing to take note from our stylish friends and add a little fun to my nail routine too. 

If you're skeptical, don't fret—I've rounded up a variety of eye-catching nails that adhere to multiple style preferences. I'm talking about designs that include neon tips, negative space, and ombre. Whether you're a pro or an amateur like me, I'm positive there's a nail design amongst this mix that'll make you want to take a break from your go-to nudes



Tie-dye isn't just for our sweatshirts—it also makes the perfect nail design. And with so many places now offering press-on nails, it's pretty easy to get the colorful designs without having to leave your house. 

While we're far from summer, tap into the warmth by adding fruit motifs to your nail art—from strawberries to cherries. 



While I've seen smiley faces plenty in the jewelry scene, I'm starting to see them spread onto people's nail art, too. I'm completely on board with it. Not only does it add a pop of color, but it'll also bring a smile to anyone's face.



If you love the shades of one specific color, get a candy-stripe design to include them all.

If complicated designs aren't your thing, pick one of your favorite colors and ombré it out to lighter shades for a colorful yet easy look. 



Who said you have to just choose a few colors? Opt for a different bright hue on each nail. 



Colorful and printed tips are even reaching celebrity status, as Kylie Jenner posted these nails on her Instagram recently. 



A rainbow design will make it easy for your nails to match any outfit.

Negative space has been trending hard with nail art, and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. It's a great way to add multiple colors without worrying about colors clashing.

If you want a little color on your manicure but don't want to go overboard, try to pick one bright color for your tips. It'll be different than your average nude one but still subtle.

If you're itching to get your nails done but want to DIY it, swirls can be an easy design that you can start off with a fun color of your choice. Trust me—I'm no nail expert, but even I've tried it. 



It's funny how trends in fashion can overlap with what's on top in the beauty industry. I'm all aboard the checkered train in my clothes and nails, especially after bingeing The Queen's Gambit. Opt for a colored checkered rather than the typical black and white for an added twist.