Cole Sprouse Wore the Sneakers That Look Perfect With Jeans

As you know, every Riverdale fan imaginable is fawning over Cole Sprouse these days, but what you might not know is that every fashion girl is obsessing over him too—the guy's got style. So not that he needed any help in that department, but he just landed a huge Chuck Taylor campaign with Converse. As you can imagine, the heart rates of fans have accelerated considerably since seeing him master Chuck after Chuck in yet another stylish Sprouse shoot.

The campaign featured punchy yet classic looks consisting of reoccurring white tube socks, dreamy and easy shirts, and, of course, jeans. Each outfit Cole wears in the campaign starred a perfect pair of denim, highlighting the shoes in ways unmatched. Maybe it's because Converse and denim are iconic wardrobe items in themselves, or maybe it's because Cole looks good wearing absolutely anything (let's get real—it's definitely the latter), but either way, it's safe to say these sneakers consistently look killer when paired with jeans, and we can't wait to rep the duo ourselves.

We recommend you stay tuned on the Converse Style Instagram handle for more incredible shots of not only Cole but also other beloved campaign stars like Taylor Hill, Sabrina Carpenter, and Alton Mason. If you've been searching for a fresh way to wear your Chuck Taylors, this campaign is where it's at.

Go on to see Cole Sprouse star in the new Converse Chuck Taylor campaign.