Why Coco Chanel's First Handbag Caused a "Scandal"

Trends may come and go, but a classic and refined sense of style is forever. No one believed in this more than Coco Chanel. To this day, the iconic brand is an instant symbol of status and elegance. While Chanel designs are now considered timeless, would you believe that at one point in time they caused quite a stir?

When Chanel designed her first handbag, in 1929, she caused a minor scandal for including a shoulder strap, considered improper at the time. “I got fed up with holding my purses in my hands and losing them,” she said, “so I added a strap.” Chanel later redesigned her iconic quilted chain-strap bag, releasing it in February 1955—hence its name, the 2.55. Karl Lagerfeld reissued the original 2.55 in 2005, and it as well as Chanel’s many other classic bags remain immensely popular among the fashion crowd. It’s amazing how a bag that’s over 60 years old still feels so relevant.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde

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