A Big Coat and an Even Bigger Scarf: The Outfit Combo That Really Is the Moment



A big objective when it comes to winter dressing is to not look frumpy. And when you're wrapped in layers upon layers like a thermal onion, it becomes less about creating a fashion moment and more about not freezing your face off. But alas, the fashion community has found a way to make even ginormous layers look intentional. Popularized by Scandi It girls like Matilda Djerf and Pernille Teisbaek, it involves wearing a huge scarf with an even bigger coat, and this styling combo is the moment. 

The concept of wearing a coat and scarf is nothing revolutionary, but what sets this trend apart is its monstrous proportions. Although simple in essence, there's a little more thought that goes into making this work. The scarf must be big (made of brushed wool preferably), and the coat must be wool and tailored to perfection. If you're a true fashion person, you'll have a pair of earmuffs or AirPod Max headphones and a cup of coffee to accessorize the look. The style pairing is definitely one of the approachable trends of the season, so even the most fashion timid can get in on the action. 

Below, I've gathered all the ways fashion people are taking on the trend along with the perfect coats and scarves to pull it off. 

How the Fashion Crowd Is Wearing It



This look is the definition of cozy.



A palette of gray on gray always looks supremely chic.



This scarf is so big it's almost touching the ground, but it's a risk we'll take.

Put this outfit on your mood board for casual Fridays.

The addition of ballet flats feels so Parisian.

Throw in a pair of Uggs and you have the cozy-girl trifecta.



A non-fringed scarf works just as well here.

And to transition into the spring, try this pairing with muted pastels.

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