I Lived in New York for 10 Years—These Winter Coats Always Stayed in My Closet

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Arguably, New Yorkers are some of the most qualified people to weigh in on winter staples. After living in the city for close to 10 years, I've seen it all, from bone-chilling polar vortexes to extreme arctic blasts. In short, the winters are no joke, so I learned quickly that good outerwear is one of the best investments. Fast-forward years later, I haven't really had to update my coat collection since—all the more reason to go for a piece that you'll still think is stylish in 10 years.

Ahead, I've nailed down the five outerwear styles that were my ride-or-die staples while living in New York. Not only are they practical, but I also firmly believe they are immune to trends, which means it's worth it to splurge a little more here. From puffers to pea coats, scroll below to see which styles made the cut.

Structured Wool Coats



From the office to weekend errands, there's no occasion where a sharply tailored coat doesn't fit in. Down to the details, I'm talking about crisp lapels, heavy buttons, and structured shoulders. It's a style that excels with denim as well as trousers.

Cropped Puffers

As a New Yorker, you become well equipped to face the cold. A puffer is a crucial tool in a winter-wardrobe arsenal, but I prefer mine with a cropped twist. The shorter proportion lends nicely to styling with high-waisted skirts and pants. Plus, it's a little unexpected. 

Faux-Fur Coats



New York winters can go from mild to doomsday proportions in a heartbeat. Whenever an arctic blast or polar vortex hit, the first thing I grabbed was an outrageously big faux-fur coat. But other than their practical aspect, they're wonderful for giving off a "rich mom" vibe.

Maxi Coats

It takes a brave soul to wear a coat so long it risks kissing New York City pavement, but extra long and almost touching the ground is one genre of winter coat I always keep in my closet. The longer length just reads so chic with cool boots, black sunglasses, and a cozy scarf. 

Aviator Jackets



Last but not least, I never went through an East Coast winter without the help of an aviator jacket. With soft lining inside and sturdy leather outside, it provides warmth but can handle the brunt of the elements. If your style leans more casual, this is a silhouette that will highlight a low-key outfit like a knit set or baggy jeans.