Thanks to Emily Ratajkowski, This Engagement Ring Trend Is Officially a Thing

When Emily Ratajkowski shocked the world by announcing her surprise engagement in February of last year (and then wedding!), the world was focused on her beau. Who was Sebastian Bear-McClard? I, on the other hand, could have cared less, as I was focused on something else entirely—her engagement ring.

With three diamonds instead of one (more is more) clustered together in the definition of boho-chic, I knew a trend had been born. Fast-forward two years and my hypothesis has been proven—celebs like Miranda Kerr are dazzling with bejeweled engagement rings, and brands like Chopard have released clustered engagement rings that put solo-diamond settings to shame.

What is a clustered engagement ring, you may ask? Exactly what it sounds like: several diamonds (or other gemstones!) clustered together on the band in the place of a singular gemstone setting. Ideal for an unconventional bride—the kind who may opt for a mermaid-style wedding dress or black-diamond engagement ring, for example—this simple twist is a conversation starter to say the least.

If you, like me, have a total crush on Emrata, I can’t promise you her killer abs, but I have done you the favor of rounding up 17 of the most beautiful cluster engagement rings below.

With several sparkling pavé diamonds clustered together in a circular setting, this understated ring is a perfect fit for a classic bride.

This geometric shaped ring is designed to mimic the multifaceted structure of a singular diamond, despite being comprised of several smaller stones. 

Though this style may seem unconventional for an engagement ring, the clustered diamonds form the shape of a heart, making it a sparkling declaration of love. 

The combination of diamonds and rubies are an unconventional take on a modern cluster ring. 

This signet ring is a beautiful and affordable option for the budget-conscious bride.

David Yurman just does it better. That's all.

A boho bride will love the understated rose-gold band. 

The teardrop setting is only improved by the cluster of diamonds rather than a sole diamond. 

This ring will look like it walked straight out of an antique store and onto your finger. 

A platinum engagement ring will highlight the stacks of other platinum jewelry you likely already have layered on your wrist. 

Is "the more, the merrier" a tired cliché? Not in our book.

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A timeless silhouette for a timeless engagement ring.

This daring and unconventional ring requires an equally daring and unconventional bride. 

IMO, this is the most unique cluster setting of diamonds I've ever had the privilege of witnessing on an engagement ring. 

An alternative choice for an alternative bride.

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