9 Cher Horowitz Quotes That You Could Totally Use in 2018

Elinor Block

Where were you when you saw Clueless for the first time? My mum thought it was a little too mature for me when I was 12 (she was probably right), so of course I watched it at my best friend's house. After watching it, I became obsessed with saying "as if!" and "totally buggin'" in an attempt to sound like Cher Horowitz. But the biggest influence Clueless had on my life (other than on my vocabulary) was on my wardrobe. I immediately wanted to wear a plaid skirt (alas, that never happened), heart-adorned T-shirts (I got one from Miss Selfridge) and knee-high socks (the less said about that, the better).



Watching the film a couple of decades later (yikes!), I realise it still stands up as one of the best and most hilarious '90s movies of all time. While on my first watch, I didn't get everything Cher was saying, when I watch it now, it's clear she has some razor-sharp lines. True, she's pretty catty, but she can be super sassy and smart too. From brilliant one-liners as well as funny put-downs, there are plenty of quotes I still stand by today. Keep scrolling for nine of the best Clueless quotes from Cher Horowitz.

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