The Item I Refuse to Wear This Year (and What I'm Wearing Instead)

Over the past six years working at Who What Wear, I’ve shared how I landed my job all the way from Kansas, my secrets to finding the best fast-fashion items, where I score the best swimsuits, and many more shopping recommendations. Today I’m adding to the list and sharing the item I refuse to wear again and what I’ve replaced in my rotation instead. By no means is my style perfect or as polished or “cool” as I aspire for it to be someday. But throughout my career as a fashion editor, I’ve picked up, or should I say dropped, several style mishaps from my wardrobe.

If you could take a peek inside my little yet highly organized closet, you’d find an overflowing basket of way too many bikinis and swimsuits, several stacks of all my favorite jeans, an assortment of midriff-revealing tops, and a rack of jackets and coats that do not receive near as much wear time as they deserve. For the item, I refuse to let back into my wardrobe (or in at all). I'm keeping it simple and skipping anything that doesn't excite me. If I'm not truly excited about a top, skirt, jeans, whatever the piece is, I'm no longer allowing it in my closet. It's my version of Marie Kondo–ing my wardrobe.

Rather than sparking joy, an item really has to excite me to make the cut in my clothing collection this year. If you live in Los Angeles, check the nearest thrift stores in West Hollywood because I'm about to deep clean my closet for the upcoming season. In the meantime, scroll down to check out the pieces I wear on repeat and definitely won't be tossing, and see a handful of my favorite outfits below. 

Shop more from the brands that excite me below: 

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