37 Pieces That'll Impress Your Boss and Your Most Stylish Friend

When the fall new arrivals hit and all the fresh trends from the runway are suddenly within arm’s reach, it’s not uncommon to feel conflicted. On one hand, count us in to experiment with something new. On the other, we all work (hard), and when we’re spending the majority of our days at the office, we need a wardrobe that can keep up. Well, we happen to think you can satisfy both these feeling, especially right now.

Now, you could be concerned that certain bold trends of the moments, like animal print or neon brights, might get the side-eye from HR. However, there’s a way to ease into these statement-making pieces and guarantee that no matter what your dress code—corporate to creative—you’ll be following the rules and standing out simultaneously.

We suggest beginning with one of the 37 pieces below. Pair an on-trend piece with a more traditional one, swap your favorite plain design for something with print or shine, and prepare to impress your boss and yourself. Scroll on for the five trends that translate in and out of the workplace.