I'm 5'2", and These Are the Fashion Items I Couldn't Live Without

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: It’s one of my favorite sayings in life and in fashion. You’ll catch me going to the same three restaurants all the time, my middle part has stayed the same for about 10 years, there’s one nail color I get on repeat, and then there’s the way I dress… What can I say: I’m a creature of habit, and while sometimes it has its downsides (you can read about that here), other times it has its pluses.

One example is the topic of today’s post. Once I found that there are certain pieces that worked rather well on my petite frame, I stuck with them, and it’s made both dressing in a way that flatters my figure rather easy over the years. In fact, I’m proud to say that people are often surprised when they find out that I’m only 5’2” because of the way I’m able to elongate my body through my style. Intrigued? To see and shop the items I swear by, just keep scrolling.

Cropped Tops

Crop tops, also known as regular tops for short people, are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. They tend to meet right at the start of my many high-waisted pants (which you'll read more about below) and help elongate by not covering up too much of your torso. Sure, you could simply tuck in a regular top, but that can be annoying to maintain all day, and doesn't always work out with your pants or skirt.

High-Waisted Pants

Let's just say that if low-rise pants ever end up coming back in style, this fashion editor will be devastated. I love the way high-waisted jeans and trousers make my legs look inches longer than they really are, and they pair perfectly with my beloved crop tops.

When it comes to hemlines, my absolute favorite is mini because, well, it looks cute and also shows off one's legs. Whether I'm in a skirt or a dress, the shorter hemline makes me look and feel taller. 

Midi Skirts + Dresses

My second-favorite option? You guessed it: midi. Midi hemlines work in a similar but opposite way to minis, in that rather than allowing your legs to create a long line, the garment does it for you. In other words, go long or go short, but never in between—that'll chop you in two not-so-flattering halves.

Mini Bags

Much like the crop top effect, mini bags just look like medium bags on short people, but are actually better because they're more proportionate to your height and body. 

Since I generally try to avoid flats (gotta get those extra inches in) I love kitten heels. They're comfortable, they're work appropriate and party-ready, but also casual enough to wear to brunch and since they’re not sky high, they just look cool. You can read more about my favorite styles for this season here.

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