Ditching These 5 Items Will Make My 2018 Wardrobe a Happier Place

You'll undoubtedly recognise Louise Roe's beaming smile and impeccable fashion sense from the many times she's graced your screens as a TV host and red carpet reporter. Like a true "slash" generational, Britain-born, L.A.-based Louise started her fashion adventures as the news editor for Vogue.com and has since then written for countless high-profile publications. As well as penning her book on personal style (Front Roe), she also tends to her popular eponymous website, where she shares fashion, lifestyle, wedding and beauty advice galore. She'll be back every month on Who What Wear UK to offer you some very important style guidance.


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The New Year always feels like a fresh slate, full of opportunities to improve whatever you might not feel you did justice the year prior and to let go of the past. One of my favorite places to let go? My closet. I love shopping for new pieces when the seasons change, but no matter how big your wardrobe may be (if only everyone had a walk-in like these dreamy blogger closets)—it’s just not sustainable to add new pieces and trends to your edit without making room from time to time. It’s so cathartic ditching pieces you just don't need anymore, or that have been secretly dragging you down—trust me!

Here are five things to toss from your closet in 2018, and some ideas for the perfect replacements.

1. Sneakers that are worn out to the point of no return

We all have that one pair of sneakers. They’re scuffed, dirty, and the soles are worn down… and not in a Golden Goose hipster kind of way. Although it may be hard to part with your trusty pair of trainers that have been there for you for so long, this season is the perfect time to purchase new ones. As the spring collections are being released, brands like Adidas, Nike, Superga and Veja have plenty of chic new choices.

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2. Anything you haven't worn in 2 years or more

This is my cardinal closet rule! Unless it has some serious sentimental (or vintage) value, it’s not worth keeping around if it’s stayed in the back of your closet for years. Your wardrobe is valuable real estate and these useless clothes are a waste of precious space. Donate them, take them to a consignment store or sell them on an app like Depop (check out my closet on the app here, and see Who What Wear’s guide to shopping on it).

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3. Old boxes and hangers

While it’s a nice thought to keep your shoes in their original boxes or reuse those hangers for years on end, sometimes it’s necessary to invest in new means of organization. Crushed boxes can actually damage your shoes when stacked, and plastic or wire hangers from the dry cleaners may cause holes or stretching in knit items. Replace these with durable options like a shoe rack to keep your shoes accessible, and velvet hangers which both save space and are much gentler on your clothes.

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4. Prints and bold colours that don't feel like "you"

It can be easy to buy bright prints and colours just because they’re on trend, but if that’s never been your personal style, I’d say it’s time to wave goodbye to overwhelming graphic prints and neons or super-brights. This year is all about deep earthy hues, jewel tones and dainty, delicate prints anyway. They’re more flattering, easier on the eyes and pair well with other pieces that are already in most wardrobes.

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5. Overly distressed denim

Gone are the days of tattered, thigh-length shreds on denim. Recycle those outdated boyfriend jeans from 2012 and go for something simpler. There’s still a way to wear distressed denim and look put together in 2018. These days, I’m seeing a lot of jeans with rips just in the knees, one or two distressed patches or even a simple raw hem. I love how this adds a little edge to your look while keeping it appropriate and adult.

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Next up, your guide to the most important spring/summer 2018 fashion trends.

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