I'm Taking My Clothes Out of Storage After 5 Months—Here's What I'll Still Wear

In March I made the very bittersweet decision not to renew my lease in Manhattan and instead put 90% of my possessions in storage while I spent some time at home with my parents. "Some time" unexpectedly turned into nearly five months. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with joy a few weeks ago when I moved into a new apartment in L.A. and finally reunited with my wardrobe.

After unpacking all of my clothes and accessories, I not only felt like I had just gone on a huge shopping spree, but I also realized I still really love a lot of purchases I made last fall. There are seven items in particular that I have zero regrets about buying. Some are wardrobe staples and some are trendy items on their second circuit, but all are pieces I would 100% buy again for the upcoming season.

Cropped Cardigans


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Short-sleeve cardigans were very popular this spring and summer, but I forgot how much I love long-sleeve ones for the fall. I specifically like cropped versions because they're so easy to throw on with jeans for a casual two-piece outfit.

Mock-Croc Bags


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Mock-croc accessories, in general, were a priority in my wardrobe last fall, and I'm not the least bit over them. From bucket bags to crossbody styles, I'm still very much drawn to this trend.

Oversize Blazers


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As I previously mentioned, I was living in New York last year, so oversize blazers were my best friend. I threw them on over T-shirts, tanks, and turtlenecks for an instantly elevated look at least three times a week all year. I loved wearing them in fall the most because an additional coat is rarely needed.

Snakeskin Boots


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Fall 2019 saw a major shift from leopard-print everything to snakeskin, and I fully committed to the new print trend. I particularly like snakeskin for boots because they make any basic outfit feel infinitely cooler. I'll be buying more of these in the upcoming months.

Colored Leather Jackets


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In the evening this time of year, a leather jacket is about all you need to stay warm. Don't get me wrong—I love blacks ones, too, but once I discovered how much more interesting my outfits looked with a colored leather topper, I knew I wouldn't really look back.

Floral Midi Dresses


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You might think floral dresses are only for spring and summer, but I actually really like to wear them with boots and sneakers come fall. I recommend looking for darker floral options like this one so that it feels seasonally appropriate.

Bootcut Jeans


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I bought so many bootcut jeans last year to wear with (you guessed it!) heeled ankle boots. This year, however, I'll opt for sneakers instead because I really just can't be bothered to put on anything else at the moment. The longer length of the jean gives that cool off-duty effect that's a bit more casual than a pair of skinnies.

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Associate Fashion Director, Branded Content

Michaela Bushkin is the associate fashion director on the branded content team. She is based in Los Angeles and is going on her sixth year at Who What Wear. Michaela has always worked in the content world, previously at Whalerock and The Zoe Report. Her current role involves executing content, photo shoots, and events for fashion brands from retailers to luxury designers and everything in between. She spends her free time online shopping (or "researching" as she likes to call it), reading at the beach, and trying as many new restaurants in L.A. as possible.