We're Swimwear Designers and Influencers—These Are the Styles We'll Wear Forever


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While my intuition tells me that Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman need no introduction to the average Who What Wear reader, let me give you a brief rundown anyway. The OG Instagram influencers once known just for their bikini posts launched their own brand of beachwear in 2014. Much like the besties themselves, Monday Swimwear quickly skyrocketed to fame thanks to its amazing fits, mix of trendy and classic assortment, and inclusive ethos. The brand’s tops, for example, are designed to comfortably fit sizes A-G, while their site is a trove of helpful sizing information and its imagery leaves no one feeling unwelcome. To put it into perspective, my own sister and I, who have opposite body types and rarely ever align on swimwear, are both huge fans of the brand.

So, when I recently got the chance to tap the women for a story on Who What Wear, I pondered on what would be best to ask them about. It quickly occurred to me that while so many people can speak to swimwear trends, these ladies are tried-and-true experts on the styles that really stick with a person. You know—the ones you buy one year and don’t want to throw out the next. After all, they’ve seen it all, worn it all, and even designed it all. Curious what they had to say? As was I. To see, read about, and shop each of their classic recommendations, simply keep scrolling.


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 "The underwire top is really great for every body type. There are so many versions of this top and I love how it can be styled in a more feminine and classic way.”—Natasha Oakley

"Being bigger busted, comfort is top of mind with bikinis. The underwire top gives great coverage and support.”—Devin Brugman

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"The high-waisted bottom is one of my favorite shapes because of how flattering and supportive it is. It’s a great staple and once you find one that suits our body well, you will wear it forever.”—Oakley

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"The triangle top is the OG of bikinis and comes back every season because it’s so good. It’s such a versatile top and great for tanning but can also be styled in so many cool ways. There are also so many different ways to wear these tops that you can re-wear them multiple times each summer season without anyone knowing. You essentially get 3 tops in 1, which is great. I will always have one in my bikini drawer.”—Brugman

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"Cheeky bottoms are great for tanning and avoiding crazy tan lines but also work really well under beachwear for a beach to dinner look.”—Brugman

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"Everyone needs a flattering one-piece. This shape is great for beach to dinner looks, styling with beachwear, and for a Holiday with family.”—Oakley

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