11 Classic Fall Pieces Every Smart Dresser Owns

Classic fall wardrobe essentials



As much as we love talking about trends here at Who What Wear, the fact of the matter is that they're nothing without wardrobe basics. Pretty much every outfit needs basics, but not every outfit needs trends. Since you're reading this, it's probably safe to assume that you consider your style to be at least somewhat classic. But if that's not the case, we're firm believers that many of the following pieces deserve a place in any wardrobe, no matter how you'd define your style.

Our definition of a smart dresser is someone who has the tools to quickly put together a great outfit because they own versatile wardrobe staples for each season that never go out of style and that can be worn over and over without anyone really noticing. You could probably guess what some of those tools are, but just in case, scroll to shop whatever you might be missing below. These are the classics that'll make getting dressed so much easier each and every fall.

Leather Jacket

Leather jacket trends may come and go, but if you want one that'll give you the most longevity, we suggest a leather blazer or slightly oversize moto. They add a cool touch to any outfit without trying too hard.

Cotton Sweaters

Save the wool, alpaca, and cashmere for winter. In the fall, you need breathable, lightweight sweaters that are made of cotton.

Black Loafers

When you're not quite ready to wear boots and sneakers seem too casual, it's wise to have black loafers on hand. They go with everything.

Oversize Blazer

Not sure if you've noticed, but a blazer is oftentimes the perfect jacket for fall. It provides the perfect amount of warmth, but you won't overheat in it.

Long-Sleeve Minidress

If you're confused as to why you'd need a short dress in the fall, hear us out. A minidress and boots (especially knee boots) make the perfect simple outfit combination.

Slouchy Trousers

When you're tired of wearing jeans and you want to look polished, slouchy trousers are the answer. We suggest high-waisted pleated pairs that aren't cropped.

Striped and Solid Long-Sleeve Tees

Not sure about you, but something we always kind of forget to buy is long-sleeve tees. When it's not cold enough for a sweatshirt or sweater yet, but it's too cold for a short-sleeve tee, this is the solution. Plus, they're perfect for layering.

Non-Trendy Jeans

We love a good denim trend, but when it comes to classic fall pieces, you need a pair of perfect Goldilocks jeans—not too low but not too high, not too skinny but not too loose, not too dark but not too light.

Trench Coat

Sorry to be boring and state the obvious, but a trench coat is a very smart buy. It's the perfect weight for fall and makes every outfit instantly chic.


When it's not yet chilly enough for a scarf but you need something, you'll be glad you stocked up on turtleneck tees and sweaters.