17 Ways Our Readers Are Wearing Summer's "Ugly" Shoe Trend


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You know how we look back on every season and can point to one overarching trend that defined style at that moment? Well, I know we're only at the halfway point of summer 2020, but I'm already positive I know the trend that we'll remember these few months by: chunky sandals. The sporty-style and platform pairs have earned themselves a controversial reputation in the past for being deemed "ugly," but if you ask us, they're the epitome of cool style right now, and our readers would agree. They've been styling tons of chunky sandal outfits with all the sporty Teva-inspired styles, '90s flatforms, and Birkenstock-style slides that are trending hard right now, and their outfit ideas deserve your undivided attention.

If you're curious about trying out the trend or are already on board and want even more ways to wear these sandals, look no further than the below 17 outfits.


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The formula: Baseball hat + breezy dress + sandals 

It doesn't get any better than a casual summer outfit like this. To give your prettiest airy dresses a fresh look, try a sporty velcro pair with a sporty baseball hat and sweater draped over the shoulders.


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The formula: Tiered dress + sandals + anklet + printed scarf

Two trends that were meant for each other are flowy tiered dresses and chunky sandals. I can't explain it, but the pairing just always feels right. Accessorize as Vic did here with a pretty printed scarf and a dainty anklet.


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The formula: Minidress + shoulder bag + sandals

Calling all fans of '90s style: This look is a must-try. A little minidress is made all the more low-key with chunky slide sandals, and, of course, a baguette-style shoulder bag is a finishing touch.


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The formula: Oversize shirt + bikini + sandals + baseball hat

Velcro-strap sandals were made for outdoor adventuring—whether it be a hike or a trip to the beach. For the latter, throw them on with your bikini, swimsuit coverup of choice, and some sun protection in the form of a baseball cap.


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The formula: Linen suit + sandals

There's nothing more sophisticated than a summer suit, and while heeled sandals ensure the look is chic, a pair of chunky flatform sandals bring an element of cool that can't be topped.


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The formula: White tank + printed shirt + shorts + sandals + bucket hat

If we outlined our summer starter pack, it would look a lot like this. Easy, casual, and just the right amount of trendy, try Kellie's outfit with sporty sandals, pull-on shorts, your go-to tank, and a bucket hat for good measure.


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The formula: Utility boilersuit + chunky slides + woven tote

Keep wearing your sandals well into fall when the weather cools by pairing them with a jumpsuit like this.


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The formula: Puff-sleeve dress + sandals + raffia bag

Puff-sleeve dresses are straight-up iconic if we're talking dress trends, and right now, our readers like Ellie are wearing them with chunky sandals like this.


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The formula: Baby tee + slip skirt + sandals

Another excellent '90s-inspired outfit idea, courtesy of Lucy. We love how a slip skirt softens the look of chunky sandals, so if you find them intimidating at first, this formula is a good one to try.


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The formula: Printed dress + tall socks + sandals

Forget everything you thought about socks with sandals being "ugly" and take a cue from our reader Josie Francis' outfit, which proves just how cool the unconventional combo can be.


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The formula: Oversize tee + miniskirt + sandals

Grabbing groceries, a coffee, or picking up some more house plants calls for a casual 'fit like Evelynn's with a graphic tee and comfy velcro sandals.


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The formula: Billowy dress + sandals + mini bag

Just because I think this dress-and-sandal combo is one for the books, here's another excellent example. Since the silhouette stands on its own, it doesn't need much accessorizing. A petite handbag will do the trick.


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The formula: White button-down shirt + denim shorts + sandals

Your denim shorts are probably getting tons of wear right now, so add this relaxed ensemble into your outfit rotation for pretty much any occasion.


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The formula: Halter top + long shorts + sandals + shoulder bag

Basics are cool and all, but Stephanie's trendy outfit is giving me so much life. If you want to style up these sandals, try a pair of long Bermuda shorts and a cool asymmetrical top.


(Image credit: @thetennillelife_)

The formula: Maxi skirt + crop top + sandals

There's something about a long and flowy silhouette that looks especially good with chunky sandals, just like Tennille's maxi skirt.


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The formula: White T-shirt + loose jeans + sandals + chunky gold jewels

Easy does it. Summer-ready loose jeans and a crisp, boxy tee make a simple statement with platform sandals.


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The formula: Blazer + bike shorts + sandals

Bike shorts are another trend that goes swimmingly with chunky sandals. Polish them off with a big blazer and a basic top like Nnenna did here.

Up next, seven top trends our readers are all wearing with their jeans right now.

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